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What are the Job roles?




Here is a quick explanation of the Job Assignments for the tournament. 

Teams will be given an assignment to cover for the weekend, 2-hour shifts will be available thruout both days.




Field Marshal:  

The role of Field Marshall is to just oversee the fields assigned to them. 

  • They will manage the game cards for those fields – giving the new cards to the referee before a game starts and collecting the card again after the game ends. A runner will pick up and drop off cards to you, so that you can stay at the fields. 
  • In the event of an emergency, you will contact Kettering Sports Medicine on the provided radio so that they can come assist the player. Let them know what field, the severity of the injury, where they can find the player – on field, sideline, and what color jersey the player is in.  If there is a severe injury, advise coaches or parents not to call 911, we have highly trained medical staff onsite, they will make the determination if a squad needs to be dispatched.
  • If there is a misconduct situation developing with parents, you should notify Headquarters over the radio, but should not engage the situation.

Tee Shirts:

  • Manning the tee-shirt tent entails assisting our guests with selecting a tournament Short and collecting money.  Typically this is a gatering place for the entire team.  I-pad's will be used to collect credit card payments as well.

Referee Tent / HQ:

  • Teams managing the referee tents and Headquarters will just be on hand to ice down drinks, and make sure food for the referees is available in the Referee Hospitality Tent. If available, make coffee in the mornings using the provided coffee percolators.